At Oneattain, we firmly believe that technology can create value only if it helps organizations achieve their business objectives and sustained competitive advantage. Our focus is on helping companies strategics, plan and deploy cutting edge technologies, with the overall purpose of contributing in realization of their business goals. As an IT Consulting and Services firm, Oneattain  offers services in the areas of ERP, CRM, e-Business, EAI, Data warehousing, Quality Analysis and Testing. We provide our services to Fortune 1000 companies as well as fast growing mid sized companies across a variety of industry segments. 

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  • Our Mission

    To be the trusted technology partner and consistently deliver highly qualified Information Technology Consultants and Direct Placement Professionals to clients throughout the United States.

  • Our Vision

    To be recognized By our clients and partners as an innovative organization known for its integrity and providing the right balance of quality and cost to deliver the best value in the industry.

  • Our Philosophy

    The philosophy of the Oneattain Quality Assurance service is to deliver products and services that instill a high level of confidence in the quality of the systems that our customers deploy.

  • Our Approach

    Our approach focuses on identifying and fulfilling the needs of our customers in optimized timeframes and resource constraints.

Technology Expertise

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