We hire the best professionals who are talented and have comprehensive experience and proven track record of achievements. We apply innovative means of collaborating and knowledge sharing, so each consultant is armed with the cumulative industry experience and business knowledge of the organization, for delivering extra-ordinary results at each engagement. We invest in training, which enables us to always be one step ahead in this fast changing and complex IT environment. 

We consider each employee as a valuable asset who contributes to the overall success of the company. By providing growth, security and an open working environment, we strive hard to ensure enduring motivation among all our employees. We have thus built a distinctive culture with a set of shared core values. 

Today it is very challenging to attract and retain the best IT professionals. So, we offer a complete Fortune 500 type benefit package that includes Health, Dental, Vision, 401K Plan, Life Insurance, and Personal Accident Insurance. Also, additional benefits offered, include General liability, Workers Compensation, Automobile liability, Professional liability, Technical Errors and Omissions, Third Party Crime shield/blanket coverage etc.

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