Certain trends in the communications industry such as increased competition, service proliferation, commoditization of products and services, and the need to emphasize customer-focus are forcing companies to concentrate their resources externally and to perform more efficiently. Local and long-haul carriers, mobile operators, cable companies, and other broadband providers have to reduce costs and lower prices to consumers while introducing new offerings. 

For the traditional telecommunications service providers, managing these changes are made all the more challenging by the emergence of electronic business and the Internet. The Internet is a new way of communicating. Voice, data, video, and audio are all transformed into digital content distributed via high-speed networks. Wireless access to digital content transforms e-commerce into mobile e-commence. 

Within this new digital economy, communications and content have become synonymous. This change puts communications service providers at center of the economic revolution, and opens the door for tremendous business possibilities throughout the communications industry through wire-line and wireless telecommunications, Internet services, entertainment, television, publishing, film and cinema, music, and radio. 

Harnessing the potential of the digital economy is what Oneattain Inc can do for you. Our solutions have helped some of the communications industry's players leverage new technologies and transform existing business practices by implementing and integrating top-tier technology solutions. Oneattain Inc provides high-value infrastructure skills and solutions partnerships, and the core technology competencies required for forward-looking e-business solutions. 

Oneattain Inc provides the following services to our communications clients:
  • Content management 
  • Customer Relationship (CRM) 
  • Data Warehousing 
  • Electronic Business & Internet 
  • Internet Services 
  • Outsourcing Services 
  • Security architecture 
  • Wireless & Mobility

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