With scarce natural energy resources, companies have been forced to look to acquisitions for growth, bringing with them significant business integration challenges. The dual demands of a competitive market and a highly regulated industry rely on Information Technology as a strategic imperative. 

Oftentimes, field workers in the Energy/Utilities sector have to do their jobs in environments that are inhospitable to normal IT solutions. 

The E&U business is rapidly increasing IT spending because of
  • Economic pressures catalyzed by myriad regulatory and competitive forces 
  • Awakening of a mature industry toward operational efficiency and customer-oriented services 
  • Renaissance of the customer’ in an unprecedented inversion of priorities 
  • Competitive advantage now depends on an IT strategy 

An upward shift in IT spending will approach a new high-water mark of up to 20% of annual budgets, compared to an average of 3% in the previous decade. This in turn will create vital opportunities centered on line-of-business capital IT systems and consulting. 

Industry challenges including increasing fixed capital cost of infrastructure and labor costs, will force the E&U sector to turn to IT as a strategic tool for change and efficiency. Key market drivers are forcing change within the sector as utilities realize they must rely on enhanced IT strategies to obtain competitive advantage. 

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