Creating a sustainable competitive ADVANTAGE!
As global companies take on local markets and vice versa, US manufacturers are facing increased challenges from manufacturers in other part of the world; US manufacturers looking to cut costs and achieve high level of productivity improvements that will maintain the sustainable competitive advantage. US companies are having the need for highly advanced systems to handle complex supply chains that include global suppliers, just-in-time ordering and inventory delivery, variable production schedules, multiple shipping channels and more. The change includes minimizing product inventories, increasingly flexible production schedules, integrated use of common components, and minimized scrap and over-production.
  • Oneattain has assisted a diverse set of manufacturing companies in Consumer and Commercial Electronics, Automotive, Health and Medical Equipment and Food Products. 

  • Oneattain methodology includes the critical business knowledge of your staff and the application expertise of our team members − experience gained through dozens of successful ERP implementations and engagements with top-tier manufacturing companies.

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